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Looking for updates from alcohol Industry ?? subscribe ALCOPARAM E MAGAZINE    BACARDI Rum Bags Top Honours for Marketing Excellence    Mallya could lose more of United Breweries    Government proposes equalling excise duties on alcohol    I-Brands eyes low-cost whisky market    SABMiller Zimbabwe unit says lager sales sharply down    Investors Bank on Sugar Squeeze    Uttarakhand to impose 2% entry tax on sugar    First bottles of Ethiopian wine produced by French firm Castel    Karnataka doubles grape output in 7 yrs    United States proposes tougher rules for moving ethanol    Pri vate sugar mill owner sasked to clear pending dues    Are sugar stocks a sweet deal for investors?    So you think you can be a winemaker    Sula Vineyards eyes international markets    Wine Offers Brighter Future for Ethiopia    Malibu the Latest Official US Wine Region    Karnataka govt arms sugarcane board with more powers    Karnataka govt arms sugarcane board with more powers    South African nations to sign economic partnership deal with EU    Allied Distilleries opens new ethanol plant    Ethanol News??? Subscribe alcoparam magazine    Ethanol blending made mandatory - but needs enforcing!    Liquor coding yet to take off in Telangana and Andhra ...    Can't put complete ban; will try to curb liquor trade: Odisha    French wine in crisis? That's good news for small producers    Sugar co-op sets up CNG plant in Kolhapur    Cane crushing season from October 1    Ethanol technology boosts sales for local company    Fire breaks out on cellulosic ethanol plant's property    
In the early days of cooling tower manufacture, towers were constructed primarily of wood. Wooden components included the frame, casing, louvers, fill, and often the cold water basin. If the basin was not of wood, it likely was of concrete. Today, tower manufacturers fabricate towers and tower components from a variety of materials. Often several materials are used to enhance corrosion resistance, reduce maintenance, and promote reliability and long service life. Galvanized steel, various grades of stainless steel, glass fiber, and concrete are widely used in tower construction as well as aluminum and various types of plastics for some components.
Analysis of Global Marketing Strategies in Distilled Spirits Industry: Absolut Vodka

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